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It's time to pack your bags; we are going on vacation! Whether it is stateside or to one of the other continents across the globe, let us provide you with straightforward travel information, logistical details and those tips that no one tells you about. It is an investment to plan and pay for a trip so don’t you want it done right?  SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH US: Schedule online

At Creative Travel & Events, we believe that your experience should inspire you to travel over and over again. There are so many reasons to utilize a travel consultant like:

1) Personal Consulting & Giving Recommendations: Not sure where to go or torn between two locations? Have a tight budget? Just want to travel and don’t know where to start! We are given lots of ideas every day to keep us fresh. Let us be the Picasso of your vacation!

2) Providing Support Before- During & After Your Trip or Event: Need ideas of where to go for dinner in Paris or downtown Chicago? What do you do when your plane is delayed and you miss your cruise? Want to start planning for the next trip on your bucket list? Want tickets to that show in Vegas? Worried that your job may ask you to stay back an extra week when you have already booked your travel? These are all things that we can assist you with.

3) Doing the Work for You: Do you enjoy the hours of research & long hold times on the phone? We have sophisticated systems that allow us to streamline these processes quickly and more efficiently, saving you time, energy and frustration. We can also see many other options all together to compare pricing and deals.

4) Our Specialty is Travel: Just like a doctor or lawyer who specializes in medicine or law, we specialize in travel. We are consistently updating our education. We learn what changes are happening, what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not. We travel to places to see them first hand and visit with our suppliers often.  This allows us to make sure we pair you in safe locations with reliable suppliers. This prevents those surprises of seeing one thing on the internet and getting another once you get there!

While we haven’t listed everything, we are sure you can already see the value in working with us here at Creative Travel & Events. We look forward to bringing forth the events and destination trips inspired by your imagination.

We enjoy helping busy people create special events and the travel trips of their dreams. We're like the Picasso of vacations. Having traveled to over 30 countries myself, we have a love and passion for getting people to see this amazing world. We both grew up in Europe and I had the honor of serving in the US Navy to expand upon my travel and cultural experiences. Having been in the travel and event industry for almost 10 years now, it is our goal to connect people through community and culture. Work with us and "Let the Experience Inspire You..."                        Sutra Borgeson, Owner

TOP DESTINATIONS: Eastern & Western Europe, Asia, South Africa, North & South America, Caribbean and South Pacific

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